A Different Measure of Success

A Different Measure of Success

I have a different measure of success compared to many others who start a workout routine from the couch. As part of my research, I study the biochemistry of groundwater in caves to learn about possible places life could exist in the Solar System. One of the caves I work in has a large lake I've not been able to get to because I could not fit through an 8" gap because of my extra poundage. Not only is the way to the lake tight, but it requires climbing, crawling, and squeezing through almost 3 km of passageways. According to the guides, a round trip at a “cave sprint” would take ~6 hours for an in-shape person. For me to reach the lake, I needed to lose at least 30 lbs., and at least 1 inch in waist thickness. Starting in April, I began careful dieting and picked up daily cardio, initially as a stress reliever due to COVID-19, but it soon became something I looked forward to. A few months later I discovered the Stealth

Stealth took some getting used to, as I had not done a lot of upper body work. After a few false starts, alternately loving the gaming aspects and dreading the soreness that comes with any new exercise, it soon became part of my daily routine. Especially when the arcade style Stealth Invaders was released, I really did not want to stop. 

Fast forward to current day, now 6 months into my healthier habits. Since April 2020, I have successfully lost ~40lbs of excess weight through diet and riding my bicycle over 6000 miles. With the Stealth, I have added significant upper body and core strength. As a bonus, the Stealth has helped avoid the loose belly skin that is typical of such weight loss. There are still a few months left till the next expedition to the deep, but I can easily slip through the cave simulator at the 8-inch setting and have room to spare. The new upper body strength is going to make a big difference when crawling 6 km through cave passageways this winter while hauling research equipment. While I may have been able to have gotten to this point without Stealth, it would not have been nearly as fun or stimulating.

-Josh Sebree

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