• "This Fitness Gear Will Make You Love Planks."

    The Stealth Core Trainer works your core while letting you play a game.

    Anyone who's ever told you playing games on your phone was a waste of time has never tried this fitness gear. The Stealth Core Trainer forces you to hold a plank on a balance board-like piece of equipment. Add your phone and a free app to the mix, and it becomes an interactive fitness game that makes you sweat bullets, torches your entire core, and leaves your arms feeling like jelly.

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  • "Forgot I Was Even Doing An Abs Workout."

    This interactive gaming platform doubles as a core-crushing sweat.

    I'll be honest: As much as I love a tough HIIT or sweaty Pilates session, I miss the days when physical activity was as simple as playing tag, giggling as friends chased you. Or getting some tennis in with a pal on the Wii (#TBT!).

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  • "Your glutes and legs will reward your efforts."

    "I love the games, particularly Squat Runner."

    I loved the games, particularly Squat Runner. The graphics are great and it made the squats way more enjoyable to do. In fact, I had so much fun playing the first day that I was so sore the next morning that I had to walk down the stairs sideways..

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  • "I felt my abs fire up within a few seconds!"

    "This Board Turns Holding Planks Into a Fun At-Home Video Game."

    You're basically playing a video game while working out, and the best part is that your body is the controller. You can hold your plank as the clock counts down from, let's say, one minute, or you can do an endurance setting where the clock runs up. 

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  • Peloton Alternatives Help Gamify Your Home Workout

    "This planking platform is an effective and fun way to train your abs".

    Its simplicity lets the whole family get into it, plus, the scoring system adds a bit of competitiveness to the fun. One of the best things about it? Just a few minutes goes a long way...  

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  • Is This Exercise Board the Next Wii Fit?

    "Provides an ultra-intense workout without making it feel like a second job".

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