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Discover the Safer, More Effective Way to Squat

Discover the Safer, More Effective Way to Squat

Forget boring leg days—Stealth Squat turns your workout into an action-packed adventure. Gamify your squats, perfect your form, and power up your legs, glutes, and lower back with every rep. Get ready to crush your fitness goals while having a blast!

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Game Your Way to Strong, Sexy Legs & Glutes

  • Interactive Fitness Fun:
    Revolutionize how you squat with interactive games that track your progress and challenge you to beat your high score. The Stealth Squat makes every workout an exciting game, helping you stay motivated and eager to push your limits.
  • Comfortable and Safe:
    Ergonomically designed with soft grip handles and a secure door attachment to ensure your sessions are safe and comfortable.
  • Universal Smartphone Compatibility:
    Comes with a multi-position phone holder to ensure your smartphone stays in place, making your gaming experience seamless.
  • Socially Connected Workouts:
    Engage with friends and the Stealth community to push your limits further and make working out an exciting event.
  • Quick Results:
    Transform your body in just minutes a day with the Stealth Squat. Designed to deliver noticeable results quickly, helping you build stronger, leaner legs and a more toned physique.
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Maximize Comfort and Safety While You Squat

Our innovative squat system is designed to keep you comfortable and secure, allowing for longer, more effective workouts without the usual strain on your joints.

Seamless Smartphone Setup

Quickly set up your Stealth Squat, attach your smartphone, and dive into a gamified workout that makes traditional squats a thing of the past.

Have Fun, Get Results Fast

Transform squatting into an entertaining full-body workout that not only tones your glutes and legs, but also strengthens your lower back and arms. Achieve visible results in just minutes a day.

Designed for Everyone

No matter your fitness level, the Stealth Squat provides the difficulty to match your personal fitness journey. Everyone can get leaner, stronger legs and firmer, lifted glutes.

Built to Last, Designed for Everyday Use

Constructed with high-quality materials to support up to 300 lbs, the Stealth Squat combines durability with a lightweight, compact design that makes it ideal for easy storage and travel.

Stay Engaged, Achieve More

Leverage the power of fun with the Stealth Squat. Our gamification approach turns rigorous squat workouts into an addictive fitness game, ensuring you stay motivated and see continuous improvements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the weight limit?

The recommended weight limit for Stealth Squat is 300 lbs.

When will my product be delivered?

Your order will ship within 1-2 business days and usually arrives in fewer than 5 days. Stealth is a US Based company with warehouses all over the United States. We do not drop-ship from China like many other online retailers. You will receive a tracking number the day your product ships.

Where can I download the Stealth Fitness app?

Search for "Stealth Fitness" on the App Store or on Google Play.

Here are the direct links:

Google Play (Android)

App Store (iPhone)

Where are the Free Games?

There are 4 Free Squat games included in the Stealth Fitness App.
Download the App, click on "Squat" and then click on "Squat Games" to see the 4 Free Squat games (Tough Runner, Skate Chaser, Space Jumper and Downhill Dash).

Where is the strap located?

The strap is located inside the storage compartment on the back of the Squat device. Open the compartment and pull out the strap.

Are there any instructions for how to use Stealth?

Yes, the Stealth Fitness App contains a library of "How To" videos to show you how to use Stealth.

Download the App, then click on Squat and then click on "How To Play."

Where can I download the user guide?

You can download the user guide here.