A Full Time Mom, With Stealth Since The Beginning

A Full Time Mom, With Stealth Since The Beginning

We’ve been a part of Stealth since the beginning! My husband and I joined the Kickstarter and got our Stealth in Aug 2017. I have used it off and on throughout the years but this year I wanted to really commit myself to doing it full time.

I’m a full-time mom and about to start my third year of homeschooling. This year has been particularly tough for me. In January we welcomed our third amazing son and both the delivery and recovery were rough. Not only that but also this year my husband has had to travel for work the most he ever has. Since our youngest was born he’s been gone 75% of the time. Adjusting to being a mom of three, homeschooling, recovering, keeping up with everyday life, COVID pandemic, and not having any family around to help... it’s been rough

Exercising is important to me not only physically but also mentally. Working out is something I need. I think I extra clung to it during this time to try and gain some kind of sanity and try to regain some kind of confidence. Although Stealth isn’t the only thing I have done for exercise, it has been something I’ve worked really hard at since February 1st. I’ve logged over 6 hours since then and I am so happy with my progress. 

Planking is one of my favorite exercise moves and the Stealth board has made it even more enjoyable. I’m so proud to be a part of Stealth Nation.

-Hallee Jones

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