Around the 6-Week Mark, He Walked by the Mirror and Let Out a “WHOA!”

Around the 6-Week Mark, He Walked by the Mirror and Let Out a “WHOA!”

Like many other Stealth users I was introduced to the Stealth Plankster through a Facebook ad. It had been a long year and the pandemic took a toll on my mental and physical health. Looking to turn the new year around I liked the idea of planking 3 minutes a day to randomly generated cell phone games to take away from the pain and boredom of normal planks. Leary of investing in workout equipment from a social media ad I did my homework ahead of the purchase. I was impressed with all of the reviews as well as the positive support in the Stealth Nation group

So, I ordered and in less than a week my yellow Stealth arrived, and my 21-month-old daughter proclaimed, 'I know what to do!' My first experience with the Stealth I was unsure of myself and rolled right off. I knew this was going to be a challenge. I kept at it starting at 3 mins a day cumulatively and 2 months later I am maintaining 7 mins a day with the hope of reaching 10 mins a day.

With the help of primarily eating a whole food plant-based diet I shed 14 lbs. in the first month. At the start of month 2 I broke 2 of my toes stepping over my daughter's baby gate, something I have kicked over 10 times at this point. Ironically, I installed a walk-through gate the very next day. I didn't want to lose my progress and decided to push through the pain. At the time I was going to start incorporating additional exercises such as rowing and free weights, but I kept only to the Stealth to allow my toes to properly heal. Around the 6 week mark I walked by the mirror in the morning and let out a WHOA! I almost didn't recognize myself as for the first time in my life I could see my abdominal muscles peeking through. I've fluctuated being in and out of shape over the years but never had my core ever come this close especially in so little time. At this time, I knew I made a great purchase and decided to upgrade to the orange Stealth for added comfort and surface area while gifting my yellow Stealth to my in-laws who are also loving the Stealth. 

By the end of February my toes were feeling much better and I have now lost 21.5 lbs. in total. I feel up to adding free weights and rowing now as I consider the Stealth to be the foundation of my workout routine. Now that my core is in great shape, I can start to incorporate targeted muscle exercises. I can't wait to see how far I can take my potential with the Stealth. The Stealth Nation is truly the most positive, supportive group of individuals. All of them are such an inspiration and I love hearing about their progress as well.

One piece of advice I would share it is consistency. Every day is a different challenge but always find your reason to hop on the Stealth. My reason is setting a good example for my daughter and little workout buddy. If my form ever starts to stray, she reminds me 'no daddy mountains' as my back tends to arch when I get tired. 

My favorite free game is Color Chase and favorite premium is between Archery Adventure and Bubble Blast although I am now on a game mix kick. Still haven't conquered Baseline but I'm within reach.


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