Back To Good Habits With Stealth

Back To Good Habits With Stealth

I had gotten out of the habit of doing daily planks because of a back injury. I was eager to get back to building a strong core. When the Stealth arrived I took it out of the box and started using it right away. I could only do about 30 seconds before I realized I was no longer using good form. Rather than risk injury I decided to take another shot on it the next day.

I built time with my Stealth into my daily routine, twice a day. My plank time on my first attempt kept getting better, little by little. After five weeks, I'm up to 2.5 or more minutes twice a day.  I haven't missed a day yet and I'll hit that 3-minute mark one of these days!

 I’m getting leaner and my posture is improving too! 

This tool takes the boredom and guessing out of static planks. I used to count my breaths to gauge my plank time. Now I have actual time and game scores to beat. 

Well-done Stealth! 

-Mary Brandsetter

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