Building A Healthy Routine with Stealth

Building A Healthy Routine with Stealth

After seeing Stealth ads on Facebook over and over again and after watching YouTube videos I decided to get my own December 10, 2019.  It sat and I only used it maybe 6 times.

I was up and down with my weight between 220lbs and 260lbs, trying all different kinds of diets yada, yada, yada.

I also been seeing ads and commercials about weight loss plans.  On January 6, 2020 I joined one and started losing weight like crazy 240 to 220 like overnight (ok really it was like two months).

I wasn’t getting much exercise at this point at all.  I’m a truck driver, I sit in the truck all day and by time I get home I’m ready to eat and go to bed.  I’ve been a truck driver for over 30 years, and I haven’t owned a car in like 25 years (never really wanted one) I would take Uber or Lyft to get to work and usually can get a ride home after. Then COVID-19 came and being an essential worker (dump truck driver) I had to get to work (sorry wasn’t going to Uber for a while).   I pulled out the bicycle (that’s been collecting dust) and I rode to work, huffing and puffing.  My God!  How I first hated riding to and from work.  After a while it got easier and somewhat enjoyable. So, I began to ride seven days a week.

August 30 is when I really started to fall in love with Stealth.

I’m not sure what made me open the app that night, maybe it was because I was turning 56.   When I did, I saw the “everyday September challenge” and I decided to join, it was an endurance challenge and I always did at least three minutes.  I only missed one day because I fell asleep and woke at a minute after midnight (UGH!!)

I saw and felt the difference in a week at three minutes a day. I’m now a month and 12 days in (missing one).

I originally had the yellow Stealth board, I gave it to a friend, and I bought the green Stealth, I can’t stop! I jump on it here and there all day long. I love the games; I’m loving the results and I’m feeling great!

Stay tuned for my future Stealth.

I feel good!

-William Leggins

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