Core Work A Necessity and Now ENJOYABLE

Core Work A Necessity and Now ENJOYABLE

I’m a 41-year-old cardio/hiking addict and have participated in sprint triathlons for the last decade. I’ve had persistent lower back pain for the last seven or eight years, and combined with the fact, cardio alone wasn’t tightening things up the way it used to anymore, I knew I’d have to bite the bullet and add core to my routine. I HATE core. I actually hate all strength training, but since I couldn’t deny it had become a necessity, I was looking for something that would at least be fun to do. I had been seeing ads for the Stealth trainer on Facebook for a while, and had been considering it, but the day I saw it was on sale, I decided to go for it, and I ordered the yellow model.

I started using it the day it arrived and have used it daily ever since (currently 96 days). At first, I decided to just use the free games, and used the Stealth six times a day for one minute each time. I felt it immediately, but because it was fun to do, it was easy to keep it up. Even though I was SORE. I increased the duration by 15 seconds every week, keeping up with six times a day for the first two months and noticed my measurements had gone down by a few inches everywhere. I also noticed my stomach and back tightening up, and I have some definition in my abs. I decided to go ahead and get the premium games since I spend more money on streaming services every month than I would for the premium games for the entire year, and it was 100% worth it.

After the second month, I decided to join a 2000-mile-long virtual race since COVID canceled racing season. My Stealth usage went down to twice a day once I began logging miles, and I stopped adding time until recently, but now that I’ve got the new workout flow down, I started adding more time again. The addition of the Gamemix feature has made it even easier and more fun to use since it keeps me on my toes, and I’ve also started getting back to using it more as a result.

I feel stronger overall, my balance is significantly better, I’m liking the way my body looks more and more, and most importantly to me, I’ve noticed my running and cycling workouts have become easier, meaning I can go further longer. I’m grateful for the Stealth for making core not just tolerable, but enjoyable, and I’m looking forward to seeing how things continue to shape up!

-Rebeccah Ervin

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