Dad Shows Himself and His Son That YOU CAN Do Anything

Dad Shows Himself and His Son That YOU CAN Do Anything

Day 1 to Day 114

I am a very real and somewhat normal guy writing about my Stealth journey.  I used to be a quite large 300-pound man.  After my son was born, I made a commitment to improve that and other things for his modeling, teaching, and health needs.  I carved my way down to about 220 lbs. while improving my habits- but hit a plateau with being centered and consistent in daily life.  I fluctuated in a 25-pound window up and down around that weight and knew there had to be better. 


When I saw Stealth advertised I, an admitted cynic, figured it was a fad fitness toy.  I looked a little longer after seeing it again and thought it could possibly help me stay focused.  I needed a focus!

I have owned my Stealth for 114 days and know that because I've used it every day.  For those 114 days I've done calisthenics and cardio too- having and using the Stealth has motivated me to just keep pushing my overall workout.  

Last time I was weighed I was 200 pounds, and I just don't look at or care about scales because the results are real: I'm in my best shape ever and conduct 12-hour warehouse shifts and run after my 6-year-old with no pain!  He begs to use it too and has started doing calisthenics with me.  Happy active kid?  

Stealth is rocking my world and helping me show myself that I can do anything I decide to actually DO!  Buy it and use it and love it.  It'll be one of the better investments you can make in yourself. 

-Luke Jason Mayson

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