Day 47 and No Stopping in Sight!

Day 47 and No Stopping in Sight!


Hey current and future Stealthers, 

I thought it would be refreshing to hear real opinions and tips from a current user. I am on day 47 of using my Stealth and I'm not even close to stopping.

I purchased the extra games ($24.99) so I could have more variety. This also gives more options based on your core strength. I feel like there are games that are better suited for beginners and then some that require you to lift your leg!

Fun! -But challenging.

This is the first piece of fitness equipment I have ever purchased.

(We can possibly blame that on the quarantine.)

But I have no regrets.


Tips for people who think they can't do it.

First, you can. Start on your knees. No shame in starting somewhere. 

Second, my mother is 74 years old and she not only did it for over 6 minutes on her knees her FIRST time, but she also ordered one for herself. 

I have seen a lot of changes in my body. Not only changes in my core but my arms too. My posture seems to be improving as well. 

The only issues I’ve had are trying to get my Stealth and my feet to not slip on my hardwood floors. It's important to have good form and it's hard to maintain when you're sliding around. I purchased a small mat to put my Stealth on and figured out which tennis shoes provide the best grip.

I posted my 30-day results in the Stealth forum on Facebook and everyone was positive and encouraging. It's a great place to find reassurance and support!  -  I hope you have found some value to my post and if you have any questions there are many outlets to reach out to!

- Jessica

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