Fitness Party RSVP: Stealth Plus One

Fitness Party RSVP: Stealth Plus One

Let's start with this...I am NOT an exercise person. I have never been the person who consistently goes to the gym or works out at home. I despise running and get bored with exercise programs.  I ordered my Stealth because I was hoping it would distract me when exercising so I would stick to it. I also was hoping I would get some results without having to work out for an hour a day.  I ordered during the pandemic and knew I'd have to wait a while, so I started doing regular planks to prepare myself.  My regular plank lasted about a minute before I was done and bored. This did not give me much hope for when my Stealth arrived, but I stuck to it and waited.

When my Stealth arrived, I was excited to get started.  Let me tell you, it is not the same as a regular plank. This is definitely a full-body workout. I feel it in my arms, shoulders, abs, behind, and legs. I lasted about 30 seconds the first time I tried.  This was disappointing but I was determined to keep trying. I explored the various games on the app and found some that I really enjoy. I also joined the Facebook group that is full of amazing supportive people...some of whom are like me and late to the fitness party.  Just reading their posts and everyone’s helpful, supportive advice encouraged me to continue this journey.  I slowly started to realize that lasting 30 seconds wasn’t so difficult. Then a minute wasn’t so hard. I have now had the Stealth for 3 months and use it every day for 5 minutes! I love how I feel after using it and I like the tight feeling I have throughout my body the next day. 


It has helped tone my muscles, improved my posture, and made me excited about exercising. The app itself also helps to motivate you by tracking your time, your scores, and your streak.  My current streak is 47 days and I don’t want to see that number reset. If you're on the fence about ordering a Stealth Core Trainer I would advise that you take the leap. It is an amazing device. I love my stealth as well as Stealth Nation! 

-Monica Merriman

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