Former Kickboxing Instructor Feels Core Getting Stronger With Stealth

Former Kickboxing Instructor Feels Core Getting Stronger With Stealth

I have always been extremely active. Back in the pre-Covid days my usual week included martial arts, swimming, cycling and running. I worked in an office with a big, well equipped gym. For 7 or 8 years I even taught kickboxing 3 days a week. Then Covid. 

All of a sudden, I worked from home. My twin daughters were home with me, finishing high school online. I needed exercise to keep me sane. They needed a gym to help them stay in shape for college basketball. I decided to build a home gym in the garage. I covered half the garage with foam jigsaw pieces. I bought a heavy bag, a bench, dumbbells and medicine balls. Then I saw an ad for the Stealth Core Trainer. I wasn’t sure if it was just a gimmick but decided to give it a try. The yellow model was available, so I ordered and started the wait.

The day it arrived I opened it and downloaded the app. I started with Speed Gliding and spent most of the next 2-3 minutes crashing into the trees. A few minutes later I tried Galaxy Adventure and loved it. Over the next few weeks, I did a lot of Galaxy Adventure before I broke down and bought the paid version. I failed miserably at Archery at first. I loved Fun Runner because I could get a lot of points. New games keep coming (1 per month) and I haven’t missed a day since I opened the box 225 days ago. Along the way I felt my core get stronger. The 2-3 minutes became 5 minutes on some games. My best time is 15:17. One day I even did Baseline levels 1 to 10, then back down. It adds up to 37 minutes. It’s going to take more training, but I want to do Baseline 20 to 1 over a weekend. New goal.

I also joined Stealth Nation on Facebook. I only posted a few times: 100-day streak, 1-day total time, 1 million points, 200 days. I like seeing everyone else’s journey. As a kickboxing instructor I learned to train people of all ages and fitness levels. You don’t do it the same way for everyone. What I love about Stealth Nation is that everyone is supportive.  That’s exactly what it takes to help someone start exercising regularly or just affirming the progress on their personal journey. I hope Stealth Nation keeps growing and staying a positive venue for everyone. Meanwhile, what new game do we get this month…


-Adam Hartwell

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