Former Soccer Player Now Dad of 3 REAPS Benefits Of Stealth!

Former Soccer Player Now Dad of 3 REAPS Benefits Of Stealth!

Hi everyone, I’m Jason Gildner, a 37-year-old father of 3 and a former collegiate athlete. My fitness journey started in my youth through the game of soccer. Having played and coached at the collegiate level you’d think I’d love to run. The fact of the matter is I’m not big on running. The game of soccer kept me distracted and focused on a specific task and I was never focused on the amount of running I was doing.  

Fast-forward 15 years later, working a desk job and not finding a lot of time in the day to workout. I wasn’t happy with what my body had become from years of laziness and poor eating habits. I knew it was time for a change I started working out on my own In April 2020 with cardio and using my body weight against me in the form of push-ups and modified floor exercises. However, I dreaded waking up and doing it, as I truly didn’t enjoy it.  

I woke up one day and saw an advertisement on Instagram for Stealth. I was instantly excited about the possibility it provided. This idea of working out and being distracted while your body reaps the benefits.  

I decided to join the Facebook group Stealth Nation. This group was a major factor in my decision process; the amount of amazing support and positivity this group provides is second to none. I bought the yellow stealth in early June 2020, I‘ve had it 52 days and I haven’t missed a day yet! When I started using the stealth on day one I was barely able to do it 40 seconds, I am now up over 4 minutes each session. My goal each day is to do more than the day before.  


I started noticing significant changes within just a few weeks of using the stealth, to say it’s addicting is a bit of an understatement. People around me are noticing a major difference in my body and mindset.  

I would truly encourage anyone to take the leap and become apart of the Stealth nation family. Thank you Stealth Nation

-Jason Gildner




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