Get Up and Move! Take Care of Yourself with Stealth

Get Up and Move! Take Care of Yourself with Stealth

My Stealth Journey began like many others – in the midst of a pandemic. Realizing that the ‘Quarantine-Fifteen” is indeed a real thing and seeing the ad for this odd-looking device on Facebook, I was intrigued. I placed my order.

I am a child of the ‘60s and I grew up during the ‘70s. The ‘80s made me a HS graduate, a wife, and a mother. I also became a personal trainer and aerobics instructor, complete with big hair, neon leotards, and legwarmers. During the early ‘90s I expanded my family and by the late ‘90s I was a divorced, single mother of 3 young children. Divorce, babies. a full-time job and trying to figure out how to survive in this new role of single parent took its toll. I no longer had time to spend at the gym and meals were often hurried and kid-friendly at the end of a long day. To say that I never took to think about myself is an understatement.

In the early 2000s I met and married a wonderful man. And I began the crazy cycle of yo-yo diets… Atkins Diet, the South Beach Diet, the Cabbage Diet, Slim Fast, Nutri-System, Weight Watcher. By the beginning of the 2010s my kids were all grown and gone, and I had celebrated a big birthday. I had a husband I loved and a job I hated. I am a stress-eater. So, I ate and I sat a lot. Some nights, dinner was a glass of wine, a bag of chips, and horrible TV until bedtime.

Knowing this was bad I got angry at myself. “Come on, aerobics instructor, get off the sofa and move!”, I’d say in my head, but the more I sat and felt bad about myself, the harder it became to get up and move.

I woke up one day feeling tired of feeling tired. Nothing fit right. I avoided having my picture taken and if I needed to be in a photo, though I am all of 5’3”, I’d always hop to the back. My daughter was married in 2018 and I cringed every time I saw the photographer. I was uncomfortable being me. I began walking. I walked miles and it worked. I changed my eating and I lost weight and inches and felt really great. I was excited and just knew that 2020 was going to be my best year yet. BOOM.

My Stealth arrived the end of May 2020. My current streak is 107 days. My first attempt lasted an entire 37-seconds. My current record is 3:27 (mostly toes, some knees). My core is getting stronger. I am 58 years young and still figuring out this thing called life. I am thankful for my journey because it has made me strong. I’ll not have that 20-year-old’s body again and that’s ok.

I still love a glass of wine and a horrible TV show – but now those things come after my Stealth time.

Thank you, Stealth!

Sheila Loveland

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