How Often Should I Use My Stealth Core Trainer?

How Often Should I Use My Stealth Core Trainer?

You’ve got your Stealth and you’re ready to go. You may be wondering; how often or how long should you Stealth? 

The answer is EVERYDAY! Aim for 3 minutes each day.

With our busy lifestyles, we sometimes find it hard to make time for fitness. To understand how fitness works, you need to look at how people physiologically gain strength. Stealth founder Howard Panes has it broken down in an easy-to-understand formula below. 

Simple formula: fatigue = improvement in strength over time to accommodate the body from fatiguing with future activities. 

Another simple formula: 3 minutes Stealth = fatigue = improved strength = fitness 

3 minutes once a day is better than NO minutes once a day.

The above formula is a proven fact but if you’re looking for more explanation or reassurance, check out  Stealth Nation trainer Matt Morton's video below.

The way to start is going to be different for everyone. Some are going to start on day one working out for seconds at a time on their knees while others will start at minutes on their toes.  Some will hit 3 minutes in one session others will break it down into multiple sessions throughout the day.  BOTH ways are the correct way. BOTH ways are working and building your core. 

You’ve got to start some time so make that time today!


-Jennifer Suain

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