How to Create Single Phone Challenge

How to Create Single Phone Challenge

Go ahead and let your family and friends play; it won’t affect your scores and stats.
Family and friends always want to try my Stealth Core Trainer when they come over.  I gladly show them how to play without worrying about their times messing with my Stealth stats and you can too. 
Creating a single phone challenge is very easy to do and in just a matter of minutes you’ll have everyone in your home gaming their core.
1. First open your Stealth Fitness app and select challenges 

2. On the bottom right of your screen select single phone challenge

3. On the next screen select either endurance or count down mode. 

4. Set desired time

5. Then click game selection 

6. After selecting your game, click complete selection on the bottom of the game page

7. Next click create challenge

8. Your player list comes up; here you need to enter a player’s name. You can add as many players as you like. Enter the names individually in the blank box and click add player until everyone is listed.

9. Your player can now play by clicking on the play button next to their name

10. After your player takes their turn, they will have the option to enter their email address where their score will be sent straight to them. Enter the email and click save or hit cancel if emails are not needed. 
11. When player one is finished click back to challenge for the other players on the list to have a turn.
    Have fun with your family and friends but be careful, it won’t take long for them to fall in love with your Stealth Core Trainer. Oh, and with consistency it won’t be long, and they may be friendly competition. 
    -Jennifer Suian
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