How to Join A Stealth Group Challenge

How to Join A Stealth Group Challenge

One of the best features of the Stealth Core Trainer is the user-created group challenges. Group challenges allow you to connect and compete with friends, family and over 200,000 Stealth users around the world. Joining a challenge is a great way to hold yourself accountable. It’s also a fun way to get in some friendly competition. 

Getting into a challenge is easy to do; there are a couple of ways to get into a challenge. First, you will need your device that has the Stealth Fitness app downloaded onto it. Open the Stealth app and select challenges. Don’t be overwhelmed by the list of public challenges available. There is something for everyone at every level. 

Option One: Joining a public challenge without a code.

At a quick glance you will see the challenges listed with a brief description. The name of the challenge, level of difficulty easy, medium, hard, how many users are participating, how many days the challenge has been active, whether it is an accumulated, countdown or endurance challenge.


On the left of the challenge box there are 2 options: info and join. Clicking on info will open a new screen and show you more challenge details such as the game or games that are part of the challenge, along with the duration of the challenge and a list of users who are also taking part in the challenge.


Clicking join opens a new screen that shows the challenge code with an option to continue. Once you click on continue you are entered into the challenge.  To participate you will need to click on the back-left arrow which will take you to My Challenges. This list shows all the challenges you have entered. Select the challenge and get ready to game your core. 

Option two: Joining a private challenge with a code.

To join a challenge with a code, open your Stealth app and select challenges.  On the top right of your screen, you will see join challenges or private challenges. Following these links opens up the join challenges page with a box to enter your group code.

Once on the join challenge pages, enter the challenge code that has been shared with you making sure to include the word Stealth followed by the numbers without any spaces. Your code should look like this


After entering your challenge code select continue.  Your challenge details are now on the page and you have the option to play right away or invite others. If you’re not ready to play right away select the Stealth emblem on the bottom middle of your screen to go back to the home page or simply exit out of your app. When you’re ready to play you will find your active challenges in the My Challenges list.  

Good Luck on your current and future challenges.  Have fun gaming your core.

~Jennifer S. 


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