I Now Know the Importance of Focusing on Myself

I Now Know the Importance of Focusing on Myself

With the COVID quarantine and as a 51-year-old mother of 2, I’d been feeling like I couldn’t control the additional pounds that somehow snuck up on me. Combined with a car accident 5 years ago (causing 2 fractured vertebrae among other things) that resulted in ongoing back pain, I wasn’t in the best shape.  A competitive runner in my much younger days, I’d been embarrassed by my non-running body of late.  I saw a Facebook ad for the Stealth.  Did I really want to spend $99 on something like this -- no guarantees that it would help?  I justified the purchase by thinking that my whole family could participate.  

The Stealth arrived and while I have just recently gotten my 12-year-old to start a streak, I’m the only one that has become Stealth committed.  The rest haven’t gotten there, yet.  The Stealth is situated on our living room floor in front of the TV -- no way to forget that it is there!  Working from home, due to the pandemic, has allowed me to Stealth as a break several times during the day.  I’ve been super consistent - using Stealth 2-3 times for a total of usually just 3-5 minutes per day. Sometimes longer and sometimes shorter.  My first attempt was 55 seconds. That didn't seem bad based on what I was reading on the super supporting Stealth Nation Facebook page.

At first, I didn’t really notice a visual difference - my shape was changing, but I didn’t really see it as a good change - the fat seemed to be just moving to another place.  But I felt stronger -- shoulders and legs and best of all my back pain subsided. I still have back pain at times, but it is not a constant thing and I can go on long walks and one mile runs without my back being so sore that I can’t sleep.  I’m 109 days into my Stealth streak and also now with a 78 day 10,000+ step streak that I know would not have been possible without the core strength that the Stealth has given me.  Do my clothes fit better?  I honestly don’t know, because I’m still wearing yoga pants and sweats every day as I have been since March 2020.  I’m looking forward to getting back into some real clothes once the pandemic is over and I’m confident they will fit better!

I now look at my before and now pictures for motivation.  Spending such little time on this yellow board but seeing such great results.  How much weight have I lost? Well, not a lot -- about 5 pounds.  But I honestly feel so much stronger, healthier and committed to making my health a priority.  Before Stealth I was reluctant to spend $99 on myself. As corny as it sounds, it has taught me how important focusing on myself is.   It has honestly been one of the best purchases of my life.  Ok, that’s all for now - Baseline 9 is calling my name - gotta go!


-Veli Waller

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