Keeping Fit On The Road (literally) With Stealth

Keeping Fit On The Road (literally) With Stealth


Those of us who travel and want to maintain our health and fitness know how hard it is to improvise in our unique situations. I have been driving a truck over the road and covered just less than three million miles over the course of 25 years. During that time I have dealt with numerous challenges when it comes to staying healthy. 

I have already been a runner and cyclist for most of my life but had also experimented with different ways to maintain my core. I recently came across an ad for the Stealth on Facebook and thought about how planking could be taken to a new level with one of those. After reading numerous reviews and noting the consistencies in what was being said I decided to order my ‘Greenie’ and carry it with me in my 18-wheeler as I haul cargo all over the United States. 

After using it 2-3 times per day over the last week I can definitely feel my core muscles starting to come alive. The collective motivation and encouragement from everyone in the Stealth Nation group on Facebook has been a huge benefit to those of us who are having fun while enjoying the benefits of a core that is becoming stronger. 

This has proven to be one of the best investments in fitness gear I’ve ever made and it’s small enough to fit in my truck cab in between the times I’m using it!

- Jeff Barker

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