Making Sure Your Workout Classes Emphasize Core Training is Essential to Getting Great Results without the Risk of Injury

Making Sure Your Workout Classes Emphasize Core Training is Essential to Getting Great Results without the Risk of Injury

These Fitness Studios in NYC are Great Examples of Classes Designed to Work Your Entire Core

Having a strong core is essential in everything that you do from everyday tasks like carrying groceries and walking up a flight of stairs to fitness activities like cycling, rowing and running. Having a stable core is also important for preventing injuries.

Working on your core strength will train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to better balance and stability. That’s why core training should be the focus of every workout that you do. Without properly engaging your core during a workout your results will be less effective. Here are 9 core-focused fitness studios in NYC designed to work your entire core. 

Core Pilates NYC

Core Pilates NYC instructors are characteristic. They have an uncanny ability to tweak little details to get the most out of you. Their understanding of anatomy and movement is second to their talent in conveying the Method’s principles for all to understand. Most of the instructors are graduates of a CPNYC teacher training program and come from backgrounds as diverse as professional dancing to international journalism. Their Pilates classes are recognized as “smart,” with innovative twists to the classical themes that always keep them fresh.

Core Fitness NYC

Michael and Denise Margulies are a husband and wife fitness team and owners of Core Fitness boutique Private Fitness Studio. Together they have selected a group of seasoned, certified trainers that are dedicated to bringing you the cutting edge in exercise knowledge and sports based motivation…all designed to help you achieve all your training goals. At Core Fitness, they understand that health and fitness is not a one-hour training appointment but a lifestyle. 

solid core

Solidcore puts you through 50 minutes of slow and controlled resistance training to break down your slow-twitch muscle fibers. Why? Because science shows that this is the most effective way to create long lean muscle tone. Think Pilates intensified. They also offer core focused classes and core30-- a quick & intense 30-minute core-focused class.

Chaise Fitness

ChaiseFitness, is the NYC based boutique fitness brand and studios reinventing the workout regime and with the belief that anyone can be fit—no matter what skill level or body type. Inspired the creation of the patented Reinvention Method, the signature program blends Pilates, ballet, and strength training and features the innovative combination of the patented chair and overhead bungees system. With a focus on stability, power, and excellence, ChaiseFitness aims to build a community that empowers its members to commit to fitness and strive to support their best selves. 


SLT ties together cardio, strength training, and the most challenging elements of Pilates – making it your all in one workout. Their mission is to give clients the full-body reSuLTs they have always wanted in a smart, efficient and effective workout. They believe in working hard and having fun while doing it.

Core Strength

Core Strength is a wellness center focused primarily on the benefits gained from the amazing exercise system of Pilates. They also have in residence acupuncture, massage, and other alternative approaches to health and healing. At Core Strength, you will enjoy highly qualified instructors who are solidly educated and well versed in their craft. 


trampoLEAN offers fitness trampoline classes to help individuals achieve their fitness goals. Each trampoline workout class is 50 minutes long & includes proper warm-up & cool down. trampoLEAN offers 5 tailored trampoline exercise classes that target specific muscle groups during the sculpting section, including the core. 

 Row House

Row House, a boutique fitness concept is revolutionizing the way people view indoor rowing. Co-founders and husband/wife team, Eric Von Frohlich and Debra Strougo took the rowing machine out of the corner, and put it front in center. Born of the couple’s search for a workout that two individuals with varying fitness levels could do together, they created a workout that gives people of all different shapes, sizes, and abilities an efficient and effective workout.


Switch incorporates cutting-edge fitness technology with state-of-the-art facilities, lighting and sound for what is an industry first, group fitness environment. An Instructor leads the HIIT class with a team of highly skilled Trainers through a labyrinth of Playground activities. A live DJ fuels the energy, coupled with lighting and special effects. This one-of-a-kind playing field is transformed into a theater of fitness and wellness.

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