MEN'S HEALTH Magazine Reviews Stealth Core Trainer

MEN'S HEALTH Magazine Reviews Stealth Core Trainer

This Fitness Gear Will Make You Love Planks

The Stealth Core Trainer works your core while letting you play a game

Anyone who's ever told you playing games on your phone was a waste of time has never tried this fitness gear. The Stealth Core Trainer forces you to hold a plank on a balance board-like piece of equipment. Add your phone and a free app to the mix, and it becomes an interactive fitness game that makes you sweat bullets, torches your entire core, and leaves your arms feeling like jelly.

The trainer does more than merely give you a new alternative to a classic core move (and a good reason to be on your phone while working out). It's also perfect if you're competitive. Here at Men's Health, a few of our editors engaged in a friendly competition to see who could get the top score on the Stealth Core Trainer's app. Round No. 1: We only lasted around a minute. But after a few sets we got more competitive and soon got addicted to planking for two and three minutes. Like your favorite video game, it makes you want to keep playing...

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