Mind Over Matter

Mind Over Matter


Hey there! I’m Jason.

I got my Stealth almost a year ago - but that’s not where my journey began. My journey really began back in 2004 when I was taking a road trip - I found myself unable to crawl through caves, or walk up barely steep inclines without stopping. My “come to Jesus” moment was when amusement park employees had to be called over to force rollercoaster constraints down on me. It took them several tries - I was mortified and I couldn’t breathe for the whole ride. From there I took it upon myself to learn about nutrition and took my weight down from approximately 350 to around 220.

The goal at this point was trim my sides and get in shape. This is where Stealth came in for me. 

I could spend my time talking about my workout routine or my diet but instead, I’m going to focus on something equally important. The three tenants of weight loss for me are FOOD - BODY and MIND. Many people focus on diet and exercise and forget the third step - mind. 

Mind means many things to many people. Personal mindset - goals - journaling - accountability. The list is long. The thing I want to focus on is something you can control - mindset. 

When I first bought Stealth, I joined the Facebook group, got motivated, did my 30 days and promised myself a bowling ball. Around that time Stealth released the premium games and I focused so hard on how much I didn’t like the games that I stopped focusing on me. Check the forum around that time - I wasn’t nice. 

Why tell this story? Well - I had seen awesome results - my male version of the lower midsection fat was smaller, my sides were tighter, and I was happier. But I stopped using Stealth for months after that. Why? Because I found a reason - I found an enemy - in this case, it was the game designers. It was incredibly dumb, but I used it as a reason to give up on myself. 

MIND can be tricky because it can be your biggest asset or your own worst enemy - for many of us this change can happen in seconds. The important thing in being mindful is that you have to constantly check yourself - you have to know yourself and your limitations. You have to know your triggers and your challenges and most importantly your weaknesses. After you understand these things - the most important thing you have to understand is - you are only accountable to you - no one else cares about you more than you do - if you give up or cheat, you’re giving up on yourself and you’re cheating yourself. No one else suffers more than you when you give up. 

So - every time I think I’m too tired or don’t feel well - I say to myself - “if I can’t give myself 3 minutes to be stronger and feel better, then I have no reason to complain.”  - then I always do it. 

Your mind can be a prison or it can allow you to experience amazing new things. First, you just have to believe in yourself. 
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