My First Week On The Stealth Lean Core Program

My First Week On The Stealth Lean Core Program


YIKES! Abs are made in the kitchen. I know diet is the most important part when it comes to weight loss and building that six-pack so many of us desire.  If you’ve read my previous post you probably picked up that diet is the hardest part for me.  I love Chocolate and everything sugary and sweet. However, I am having so much fun with my Stealth Core Trainer and the live workouts with Matt Morton that I decided to take it up a notch and follow the Stealth Lean Core program.  I thought why not, I am already doing 3 of the steps anyway.

A 10-week program with 4 steps to success:

  1. Stealth your day
  2. Fuel your core
  3. Move
  4. HIIT your stealth

I typically shy away from diet plans because I usually find myself starving not even halfway into the first day.  Or even worse I get stuck eating the same bland boring meals over and over.  The Stealth Lean Core program is not bland or boring. Oh, I am not starving either, in fact, there have been times in the first week that I can’t even finish the meal because it was so big.  

Every morning I started with a store-bought protein shake. If you like to get up early there’s an actual meal that can be prepared. I like to sleep until the last minute so for the first week the grab and go option was perfect for me. 

For lunch and dinner, I was preparing and eating things like tuna salads, bun free burgers, spinach salads, and tenderloin with mashed cauliflower, lemon chicken breast, ham or turkey salads and salmon with veggies.  The lean core program tells you how much of each ingredient to eat. 3-4 ounces of meat, 1-2 cups of salad or vegetables it is very easy to follow.  The meals had a lot of flavor and a lot of color.  I think I heard growing up a colorful plate is a healthy plate little did I know it would also mean a delicious plate. 


Some of my favorite meals from the first week were the tuna salad, Lemon Chicken breast, spinach salad and tenderloin with mashed cauliflower.

I’ll be honest though and admit that I did let myself down the first week.  I had a few moments of weakness and had dinner out with a friend, some chocolate and ice cream.  I also know that I only had myself to blame at the end of the week when the abs weren’t where I wanted them to be or the scale didn’t move down to my magic number (Yes, I know it will take more than a week to see results). Week 2 will be better and I’ve peeked ahead, the meals are not going to disappoint.

Jennifer S. 

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