Seeing Progress With Stealth

Seeing Progress With Stealth

I started and tried to do static planks, but I was bored while doing them.  I saw the Stealth Core Trainer and made the purchase. I started using the Stealth over the summer of 2020.  My kids were also intrigued, and we used it daily during their first quarter of virtual school at home. 

The kids began getting toned and competitive, while I was able to start to see some kind of endurance in my planks.  I didn’t dread doing the exercises and the games began to be fun once my balance was established.  I never thought I would say that planks are fun. 

The Stealth Nation Facebook group has become my cheerleading team this year. The group is one that I can challenge myself with and get encouragement when I don’t feel like I am doing enough.  I am not a big fitness person, but I am an advocate for personal health and accountability. This community is all about that. I am excited to be a part of it.

I have gained muscle and balance, lost inches around my waist, gained muscle definition, and I don’t fall on the Stealth anymore while using it.  I’m ready to continue using it and getting my ab muscles back.

-Laila Hassan-Meyer, MPH

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