Stealth: A Unique and Fun Activity That Will Make Your Muscles Work

Stealth: A Unique and Fun Activity That Will Make Your Muscles Work

Hi, my name is Dena. I am a teacher from Washington State and I received my Stealth in June. I have not taken a day off from using it since it arrived at my front door. I turned 53 about 30 days into using my Stealth. I have never been what most would consider overweight, nor chubby, but I have definitely found it harder to stay thin and trim as I get older. I look best when I am less than 130 lbs. and it has been awhile since I have been able to get myself there. I have led a pretty active life and was a gym goer, but prefer to find activities to do that are unique, fun, and still make your muscles work. 

I purchased the Stealth because it fit the bill for being unique and it looked like a lot of fun. I joined the Facebook group first to see if it was the real deal. It didn’t take but a minute to make my final decision after reading all the comments.  I love that it only requires a minimal time commitment if that is all you have to give. I also appreciate that I can do it at home, or bring it with me when I am on vacation, and best of all, the games help distract you and make planking enjoyable. I am also a little competitive, so the ability to join challenges has kept me hooked. Having a strong core is important to me because I want to keep my lower back healthy. I also have two aerial apparatuses that are my other form of exercise, which also requires a strong core and upper body, so that was another motivator for purchasing the Stealth.                                                                             


I wanted to test a theory, so I tried just doing the Stealth, with no other lifestyle changes, for the first 30 days. When I hit 30 days, I realized that my diet indeed needed to change because I could not see a difference in the appearance of my body, but I did lose 1” during that time from my waist. For the next 30 days, I changed my eating habits to low carb and clean ingredients. In addition to the food change, I also added walking to my stay at home routine. I am happy to report that although I have only lost a few pounds, I have lost 2¨ from my waist, 1” from my hips, and 1” off my tummy. It is hard to see in pictures, but there has been a big change overall and my husband keeps making positive remarks about how good he thinks I look. I am feeling good, enjoying the results, and appreciate the new games each month. Stealth Nation has done a fabulous job at creating a product that literally everyone can do and get results no matter where you start. I feel that the Stealth Nation community is super supportive and a safe place to share. I am happy to be a part of that.


Dena Burnett

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