Stealth and Power Moves With Lorena Hampton

Stealth and Power Moves With Lorena Hampton

Meet Lorena Hampton who has an incredible story to share. At the young age of 35 and at a weight of 208 pounds Lorena received a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis.  She was told by her neurologist to pick out a comfortable wheelchair because that is where she would be bound by the age of 50.  

Lorena shares how she took her health into her own hands and turned things around. From yoga to CrossFit and now incorporating Stealth into her power moves workout routine. She found a combination of moves that work for her that include thrustersburpees, and of course her Stealth.  

Lorena is 54 years old now and she doesn’t sugar coat it: BURPEES SUCK!

Watch the video below to hear Lorena's full story.

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