Stealth Brings A Great Feeling Of Security

Stealth Brings A Great Feeling Of Security

I just turned 62 and I am trying to stay active as a senior. I had been planking for 6 months before Stealth.  Planking is hard! Stealth made it more tolerable. 

I’ve been using my Stealth since last September.  Stealth is a regularly used part of my exercise equipment.  I do a cardio day and a resistance day; the Stealth gets used on cardio days. Each person has to decide for him or herself what their training program will be and try to stick to it. Too much Stealth and it becomes a burden to little Stealth and it won’t do much long term good. 

Last Christmas I was on my steep roof hanging Christmas lights.  I can tell you that ladders and steep roof-walking uses your core muscles.  You have to stay low and tight.  I could for sure feel the core strength from the Stealth and it was a great feeling of security up there.  One unexpected thing I’ve gained from using the Stealth is balance skills!  Stealth does teach you to balance. 

There is for sure some muscle starting to show through in my mid-section.  Isn’t that what we’re all hoping to gain? 


-Scott Sodervick

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