Stealth Brings Incentive To Floor Exercises

Stealth Brings Incentive To Floor Exercises


I received my Stealth Professional on May 7th.  I typically do a single plank and then some floor exercises for abs.  My planks were only about a minute to a minute and a half.  When I first used the Stealth I was only able to do about 3 minutes total between two different games.  It challenged my coordination.  I liked Galaxy Adventure and Bubble Blast best.  I was feeling it a lot in my arms and shoulders, so I took a video of me on the Stealth and posted it to the Facebook page for tips and or recommendations on my form.  Everyone was so encouraging and helpful. 

I had surgery on my big toe on May 28th so doing planks on my toes was out of the question.  Two weeks after, I started back, but on my knees.  I doubted I would really feel anything doing this on my knees, but I was wrong.  It did take a little longer to feel my abs engage, but they definitely were being worked.  I also felt this in my glutes and thighs. Thanks to the recommendations I received I started to engage these areas as well.  At that time I was doing about 5-6 minutes on my knees, again playing Galaxy Adventure and Bubble Blast. I try to use the Stealth every day; the most I'll skip is only one day.  11 weeks from day one, I added Racquetball into the mix and I did 26 minutes between the 3 games.  When I start I look at my best time and score and say "Oh I won't be doing that much today.” but lately I've been beating that score and time, even if it's only by a few points and a few seconds.   While doing floor exercises are good, there's no incentive to do more than your usual sets.  With the Stealth it makes you want to beat your best score/time.  

I couldn't be happier with the Stealth; it has strengthened my core tremendously!

-Lisa Dabreau

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