Stealth Continuously and Reach Goals

Stealth Continuously and Reach Goals

I am 39, turning 40 in February 2021. I have been a vegetarian since 2000. Despite that I have been a careless eater and ate and drank anything my heart desired without giving much thought to the effect it’s having on my body. My weight peaked on August 14 2019 at 175.9 lbs. I thought just working out in the gym would compensate for my careless eating, I was wrong. Despite going to gym thrice weekly and running 3 days, my weight didn’t change much. Since November 2019 I started intermittent fasting (16-Hours fast) and since December 2019 I started tracking each and everything I ate and drank, restricted to a certain number of calories in a day (Didn’t diet. I am against dieting) and also started juicing greens. That gave me a sense of purpose and I was able to gradually get my weight down. Since July 2020 I became Vegan. My lowest weight so far has been 132.7 lbs on Sep 4 2020 which is below my target weight of 134 lbs. 

Despite losing weight and continuing exercising I had another goal of getting 6-packs abs. I tried planking but that was a really monotonous activity and didn’t keep me interested for a long time. Randomly I saw a Facebook ad about Stealth Body Fitness. It was on sale and offered me 100% money back guarantee. So, I went for it and got the product. Before I got the product the team also shared information detailing the importance of good eating to compliment the Stealth ab training along with meal plans. When the product arrived it blew me away. Firstly, the games were of highest quality and by quality, I mean they were sensitive and responsive to movements. That made planking fun. Secondly the free games were really great and made me want to come back again and again. I ended up going premium which is a great deal considering you will end up getting 6-packs by the end of year one. 

But this wasn’t just about selling the product and moving on to the next customer, it was about building a brand and kudos to the team for creating a community of like-minded fanatics who want to stay healthy and fit.  The members all participate in the community and share successes and struggles. The Stealth team also actively participates in the conversations and I was surprised that a trainer from the Stealth team responded within 60-minutes to my question on back pain and helped me improve my exercise posture. I believe the Stealth team also engages in exercises and challenges. The Stealth App is great for all kinds of people. Those who want to compete there is leaderboard. Those who want to compete with themselves, there is personal log with best times. To top it all the team comes up with new game every month. So there is always something to look forward to. This investment is a no-brainer and is cheapest both in terms of cost and time invested. All you need is to rest your elbows on the Stealth every day - Planking will happen automatically.

My highest recorded Body Fat Percentage was 26.1% on August 14 2019. The lowest recorded body fat percentage is 14.6% on Aug 31. My Goal is 11% which will get accomplished when I Stealth continuously by the time I turn 40.

Happy Stealthing…

-Rahul Goswami

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