Stealth: Empowering Moms Throughout the Universe

Stealth: Empowering Moms Throughout the Universe

It was a few months into being home from work due to COVID, and with more time on my hands than I normally have, I started paying closer attention to some of the Facebook fitness equipment ads. It was like the universe was sending me a message, the timing was right to start making some changes and I was receptive! 

At 38 with 3 young kids and a busy life, I had gained 20 pounds over the past few years, wasn't active, and was not comfortable or happy with the shape I was in. I had done various workouts throughout the years and was fairly experienced with planking... but planking with the Stealth was a whole new challenge! I could feel all of my core and posture muscles engaged; my arms, glutes and thighs all felt the burn as well! I was only able to do a minute at a time starting out, not on my toes the whole time either. 

Now, 4 months later I've worked my way to up 4 minutes, 3 on my toes and the last minute on my knees. I started doing a full-body workout routine and use the Stealth for any plank moves, and also use it 3-4 days a week on its own. I changed my diet, started eating mostly clean and lost 20lbs! The diet and workout routine I follow are very similar to the ones provided in the Stealth program

I have ab and oblique definition for the first time ever, after having 3 kids and in my late 30's!! The sagging skin I have on my stomach due to pregnancy has firmed up considerably as well!!

I had started to give up hope of ever having the kind of tone and definition I saw on fitness models, and although I still have a little way to go, I am amazed at the progress I've made in such a short amount of time! 


The confidence I have now is probably the best part of my journey, along with the encouragement and support of the Stealth Nation. I've learned that no matter where you're starting from, what your goals are or how many obstacles might seem to be in the way, that its never too late to get started and make the commitment to yourself and your health! Yes it is hard. But it can also be fun, challenging and inspiring to yourself and others! 

Never give up!! 

-Vanessa Hooper 


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