Stealth Helped Me Recover From Back Surgery

Stealth Helped Me Recover From Back Surgery

My journey with the Stealth Plankster began in February 2019, about seven weeks after I had back surgery.  I had a spinal fusion at my L5-S1 after having suffered for years with lower back pain which had finally become unbearable and debilitating.  I had been going to physical therapy prior to surgery, and planking was one of the exercises I was doing to work toward a stronger core during therapy.  My surgeons used an abdominal approach during surgery, which made for a quicker recovery, but also meant my abdominal muscles took a hit by being sliced into.  I wanted to get my core back in shape as soon as possible, and I happened to see a Stealth ad on Facebook.  I am a sucker for Facebook ads... and it didn't take much convincing when I saw "3 minutes a day."  Also, traditional abdominal workouts weren't an option so soon after surgery.  I knew I should get back to planking soon, and making it fun with a Plankster board and playing a game sounded promising! 

I couldn't believe how hard it was when I first tried!  I think I lasted 20 seconds the first time.  I took it easy at first, not wanting to hurt something as I was still recovering from my spine surgery.  I built up to 3 minutes per day within a couple months, and, really, that was the only goal I had set. 

I could feel the tremendous difference in my core strength from using the Plankster almost daily.  I went through phases where I would do 4 minutes, or 5 minutes, but never more than 5 or 6 minutes without dropping to my knees.  To this day, I've not used it for much beyond 15 minutes in one session.

In addition to wanting to avoid another surgery, keep my core strong, and protect my back, I invested in the Plankster to save TIME!  I've used it consistently for over a year and a half.  MOST days, I stick to 3 minutes.  Not only does my core feel great and strong, but I have quite a bit of definition in my abs! 

My diet has NOT been amazing.  In fact, I weigh more in post-using Stealth photos than I did in my Before photo!  My workout routine comes and goes, but Stealth is a constant!!!  I've never stuck to anything this long, but the RESULTS, both visibly and "invisible" have been incredible and worth it.

After seeing my result and hearing me rave about it, several family members and friends have also invested in a Stealth Plankster.  It is, hands-down, the best piece of exercise equipment I can imagine purchasing!  And the Stealth Nation facebook group is the most incredibly supportive group I've ever been a member of!  I love my Stealth Plankster!      

-Jill Roggeman



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