Stealth Lean Core Program Week 4

Stealth Lean Core Program Week 4

Can you believe I am still going at it?!  I just want to say WOW! I don’t think I have ever stuck with a diet plan for more than 3 weeks.  

I usually feel like my body is being deprived of food or I get discouraged because I am counting calories and at the end of the day I am exhausted and starving but only have 50 calories left. Let’s not even mention the so-called “magic” pills that shed the weight why you sleep or any other gimmick that’s out there.  

The Lean Core Program is quite the opposite from those other options. 

I feel full after every meal, I have energy to get me through the day, not to mention the changes that I am seeing all over my body. 

Have I mentioned that my husband Nate is also following the Lean Core Program with me?  His will power when it comes to chocolate is much stronger than mine.  I don’t know how he does it.  He used to say he doesn’t know what portion control is and he’s a rather large guy (6’2” and 298 pounds. Do not mention the word diet because to him that means starving yourself. However, Nate is following the same 1200 calorie lean core program I am.  Not once has he felt hungry and a few times he has even said he feels like he’s eating a lot of food and not sure if he can finish it all.  His results are amazing. I am practically begging for a before and after picture.  He’s thinking about it. 

Some of the menu items this week: scrambled egg whites with toast, chef salad, ground turkey with spaghetti squash (I don’t know where that’s been hiding all my life!) fish with cauliflower, steak with green beans and sweet potato, omelets and berries. Again the meals do not disappoint. Sometimes I am combining things I would have never thought to even try and it’s all turning out great. 

This week I am doing Yoga every morning and 9 minutes of Stealth game challenges along with the live workouts with Matt Morton Stealth Trainer. Although the number on the scale isn’t dropping quickly I feel great and my clothes are fitting differently.  I am also becoming more confident and looking for ways to challenge my body even further.  Matt the Stealth trainer put out a decline push up challenge and I DID IT! I was impressed with myself and even attempted a new game, Archery Adventure.  I think I like it. 

 -Jennifer Suain

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