STEALTH – More Than a Core Workout

STEALTH – More Than a Core Workout


Stealth has numerous physical benefits as the before and after pictures show. However, it can also be used as a tool to help improve mental health.

Life feels a bit more challenging these days. We may not be able to go outside and participate in typical sports. Having an activity that reaps similar benefits can be especially helpful. The Stealth Core Trainer is a great device for all ages from young children to seniors. Many people use video games for entertainment and stress relief during this difficult time. The way Stealth combines exercise and video games has unique advantages, especially for mental health. Here are some of the mental health benefits I have found from using Stealth.

1. Improved Self-Control

Each Stealth session teaches my body and mind how to be more efficient and effective. By using the tool daily and for longer periods of time I have gained an improved ability to control my breathing and with it, my emotions. When life gets tough I now can breathe comfortably, focus my energy, and physically calm myself. I find myself in better control of situations that used to induce panic. My Stealth workouts have been training me in this skill. The game and board work to constantly keep me off balance. It takes micro mental and physical adjustments to regain control. It is training my balance but it is also improving my ability to adapt. I find that when the real world throws me off balance, I am better able to also adjust by changing my thinking, my physical response and my personal choices. My overall personal balance has improved in leaps and bounds.

2. Increased Happiness

Study after study shows that exercise can help prevent and treat depression. There are immediate benefits after a workout. The benefits add up even more if a workout routine is maintained long-term. I’ve tried and quit so many exercise and fitness programs. They helped for a while but I got bored and then resisted doing them. The Stealth model is sustainable fun. It’s so simple- I just play a video game while doing an active plank. There are different games to play (especially with the premium subscription) so my brain and my body don’t get bored. It works so many muscles at once that I achieve what is essentially a full-body workout in minutes. The video games are fun and serve as a distraction making it even easier to develop consistent, sustainable, healthier habits. It gives measurable results quickly. One aspect of my life, fitness, used to be so time-consuming. Now it’s something I look forward to and its benefits are optimized for time.

3. Opportunity for Escape

I take Stealth breaks throughout my day to temporarily escape from internal and external stressors. By doing so my brain releases endorphins that help me physically feel better even after I finish my workout. The more consistent I am with it, the better I feel. In a world that can feel chaotic, scary, and overwhelming at times it often helps to just take some time out and clear my head by playing a video game. By choosing a Stealth video game, I still get the benefit of escaping reality, but I am simultaneously improving myself so that when my break is over I am stronger and better able to tackle the stressors of my day. It literally only takes a minute or two and I can return to my day stronger and more refreshed.

4. Sense of Accomplishment

Achieving small goals creates progress toward larger ones- The overall goal of being fitter and healthier can seem totally overwhelming, especially if your current state is a long way from your end goal. The Stealth system breaks down the process of fitness into manageable steps that only take minutes to complete and is achieved through an enjoyable activity. The more I realized I could do it, the more motivated I became to put in the work. The more work I put in, the better my results were. It actually improved my work ethic because every second of the time I put in, mattered. Each session added up and the benefits compounded over time. The better I got at the exercise itself, the more of the nuances I learned. I can now isolate and target specific muscles and my stamina and endurance have exponentially improved.


5. Improved Self-Reliance and Confidence

As my work ethic improved it has translated to more independence and self-reliance. Because I am not afraid or dreading putting in the work, I can handle tasks that I previously found daunting or overwhelming. The more of life I could handle comfortably, the more confident I became. My posture has improved, as has the way I interact with the world. I have become more efficient and effective which allows me to free up bandwidth to better help others. My physical figure has changed, I’m leaner but with more muscle. I have been able to maintain a diet that I enjoy (that includes ice cream, chocolate, and wine) and that keeps me full while still maintaining a body I enjoy occupying. My fitness level is now sufficient for me to compete at a higher level and I have become much more comfortable in my own skin. Growing up I had a tough time with my self-image and struggled to find a healthy balance in my eating and exercise. Having a tool that allows me to sculpt myself physically while also improving emotionally and intellectually has allowed me to upgrade every aspect of my life. 

6. A Vision of Hope: Stealth Nation

Stealth Nation is a very special community of diverse members from around the world. We all have a common goal of improved fitness. We are an uplifting place of refuge full of respect, inspiration, and motivation. Every person is working to better him or herself and we share tips, tricks, friendly competition, and banter. Each one of us has our own story of what brought us to this point in our lives and why we opted to take a chance on this device. We are able to work individually to improve our strength and collectively improve our resolve. We come together to encourage, support, and improve each other and we are evolving into a more empowered, better-balanced, happier community. This is only the beginning. By starting small and spreading the word we can empower more people to help themselves by taking control of their fitness level. We are learning to generate and better control our own power. Our world feels a little out of control right now and in the off chance that no one is coming to save us, we might as well work to save ourselves. It starts with 3+ minutes of playing a video game while Stealthing- where you take it from there is up to you!


Written by: Jennifer Hosel

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