Taking Control of Her Health With Stealth

Taking Control of Her Health With Stealth

When I turned 45, my warranty ran out. Over the next few years, I had an ovary removed, two arthroscopic knee surgeries, a knee replacement, PVCs (heart stuff), and a brain bleed which led to a stroke.

Over that time, I became much more sedentary and had given up on ever getting healthy. I gained weight and ended up at 214.

I started off 2020 with a new attitude and started exercising a few minutes each day. January was great! I lost 4 pounds and was motivated. Then February started with a health scare that put me back into the sedentary state. I went to 218 by May (it may not have been May. At some point in the recent past, I hit 218. That much I DO remember).

In March, I saw my blood sugar hitting the prediabetic range. I gave up alcohol.

August, my Dr put me down as diabetic.

I gave up sweets. I was down to 200.

I had seen the ads for the Stealth on Facebook and was interested when I first saw it over a year ago. I love games and I’m very motivated to exercise when there is a game involved. I watched ads pop up every so often and when the Stealth went on sale, I finally bought one in September.

It arrived October 1st and I have used it every day since then. I started at a minute (and fell off the board a bunch) and am now doing five challenges a day at a minimum of 3 minutes each (I rarely fall off the board, but it still happens) I alternate between knees and toes, but I get a solid 3 minutes on my toes almost every day now.

I currently weigh 180 and am looking forward to losing another 30 pounds.

The Stealth, and especially Stealth Nation, has been such a positive addition to my life. The games are fun, and the support is amazing. I’ve been using the Stealth over 100 days consecutively. I am leaner, healthier, and feel so much better. Plus, I have a nation full of new friends.

At 52, I am heading towards being in the best shape, both physically and mentally, I’ve been in over the last several years.

It’s exciting!!


-Kat Wilmot

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