The Best Purchase I’ve Probably Ever Made!

The Best Purchase I’ve Probably Ever Made!

I am not joking when I say that.  

I have been using my Stealth consistently for the last 48 days.  At first, the games were super hard for me. I thought maybe it was because I am not a gamer. So I turned to the live workouts that are posted 3 times a week.  I enjoy them so much that I probably get on the trainer and everyone else’s nerves. I am overly excited to be a part of them and I LOVE every move we do together. They do say they are glad I am there though and I believe them. 

During one of the live workouts last week or somewhere in the super supportive Facebook group I made the comment that I was getting better control of my Stealth board.  The reply I received from the trainer was of course you’re getting better control your core is getting stronger.  It was a Duh moment for me but it all made sense. I am having such an awesome time here that I forgot I was working on my core.

I haven’t given up on the games though. I found a couple of challenges that seemed right for me and joined them. I’ve stuck with them for the last 17 days. Today the game seemed easier and after my 2 minute 22-second plank game challenge I placed 8th out of the 57 other challengers. To me, that is a WIN. 

If you have Stealth and you’re using it every day I commend you because I know it’s a challenge. If you don’t have one or you’re not using yours what are you waiting for?  GET YOUR GAME ON! 

~Jennifer S.

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