Wait, Do You Even Have Time to Stealth?

Wait, Do You Even Have Time to Stealth?


I live in the great buckeye state of Ohio along with my parents and all but one of my 5 siblings.  My oldest sister lives in Virginia.  When my mom said road trip to see your sister and niece (who is expecting her first child) I packed my bag grabbed my stealth and hit the road! 

On our drive my mom asked why I brought my Stealth and if I would really make the time to use it while visiting.  She asked questions about how the Stealth Core Trainer worked and asked all about my experience with Stealth. I eagerly shared everything I love about stealth and the community that comes with it.  I told her about the amazing people I am meeting, the friends I am making and the Nomadic Native Stealthing truck driver who sent me his contact information just in case we had any problems while on the road.  Thankfully we didn’t encounter any issues while driving the 734-mile round trip. 

Once we made it to my sister's house I didn’t think much more of my Stealth conversation with mom.  I figured she was doing what moms do best, asking questions, and making sure I was staying out of trouble. 

I brought my Stealth along because I had entered a couple of Stealth monthly challenges.  My husband and I have been doing the live workouts together and I wanted to keep up with him.  I made a commitment to myself that I would use this piece of equipment.   I wasn’t going to let myself down now after using it every day for the last month. So I woke up earlier than everyone else in the house and used my Stealth beside my sister’s pool.   I also snuck away into her craft room/spare bedroom to get in a few quick minutes of ab work. I was determined to complete my challenges and the micro workout moves for the day.  On Saturday when everyone was out front for my nieces drive-by baby shower. (Yeah, that was a thing thanks to the COVID 19 pandemic).

I quietly slipped away. I grabbed my Stealth and joined in on the live workout for the day.  On Sunday morning our visit was coming to an end.  I woke up determined to get my daily Stealth training in before hitting the road.  Only this time I didn’t wake up before everyone else.  I had a workout audience. I loved showing off my Stealth Core Trainer and how much stronger my core had become in just a month. My mother was impressed and asked lots of questions, along with my sisters. We stalled as long as we could but eventually said our goodbyes and headed back to Ohio. 

On Monday afternoon my mom sent me a message through Facebook. She had seen an ad for the Stealth.  She asked if she should get one and of course I said YES!!  We had a short conversation about it.

And then she ordered one.  I cannot wait for my mom to be a part of this amazing group and who knows maybe my sisters will join in on the fun too. 

There is always time! 


Happy Stealthing

Jennifer S. 




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