When Consistency Pays Off!

When Consistency Pays Off!


I am no stranger to working out and have consistently hit the gym 4 to 5 days a week for the past 2.5 years. How coincidental was it that I started using the Stealth Core Trainer as a part of my workout regimen right before the pandemic!  Look at the result! My core is stronger than it has ever been, and my abs look nicer than they have since I changed my lifestyle! 

My abs are my target and have been for several challenges. I do 15-week challenges as part of a nutrition system that I follow. The picture in the white is the end of my 6th challenge. The 2nd pictures you see in the blue are the current results! 16 weeks ago with access to the gym vs. the next 16 weeks with no gym access therefore no gym equipment. I use the Stealth almost EVERY DAY as a part of my regular workout routine and will continue to. I share it with everyone I come in contact with and am sooo glad I came across it

Stealth will be apart of my workout regimen for years to come!

-Vincetta Taylor Coffey‎

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