When Friends Stealth Together

When Friends Stealth Together

As I am sure with most, the pandemic has turned my world upside down.  When the shutdowns descended, I had been working out routinely for about a year.  In June of 2019, I decided to walk regularly in my neighborhood and fell in love with my device that keeps track of my steps and mileage.  At first, I started with two miles a day and walked six days a week, then I discovered that I could run a mile and found it so energizing. When the pandemic hit full force, I started using what would have been my commute time to do my run walks instead.  My routine became even more consistent. 

My workout regime was of course just one change of many due to the pandemic.  With the end of summer, my children started learning remotely again and life at home became incredibly hectic and stressful.  Working out became my release, my go to for peace and balance.  My best friend suggested we start having a POD every Monday.  Our kids go to the same schools, so this was an awesome solve as we built in time for each of us to work out uninterrupted and our families ate dinner together at the end of day.  Awesome company, yummy dinners and a chance to work out - it was a lovely new routine. 

As winter approached, I got anxious about my workout routine.  I had lost 19 pounds since the start of the pandemic and did not want to back track due to the cold weather and not being able to run outside.  I don’t love the treadmill but it’s a necessary evil in cold weather states, at least for my workout routine.  I knew I needed something more though. Something to add variety and strength to my workouts. I didn’t see the gym as an option in this pandemic.  In having three kids, I knew my core needed some extra TLC, so I researched and stumbled upon the Stealth.  It was the perfect solve for me.  I bought the orange Stealth for extra padding and width – while I am petite, my shoulders are broader for a gal.  

In starting to Stealth, I found the FB community to be very supportive and I loved the Color Chase game. I started planking at one minute a day and my time grew from there. My best time is now 8min 31sec.  The Stealth slides under my bed perfectly and makes it easy to plank first thing. In my early days, I thought Speed Gliding was mission impossible but now it’s my favorite! My best friend started using my Stealth on our POD days and loved it.  She loved it so much her husband surprised her with her own orange Stealth.  Now we are matchy matchy planking buddies and text back forth about our progress! 

I just hit one hundred days and to celebrate I treated myself to the most amazing hot stone massage.  It felt so great that I’ve decided to reward myself with a hot stone massage for every 100 consecutive days I Stealth – major motivator!  It’s been a real adventure this last year with challenges I never would have expected. The best moments have come from just doing and embracing change and the new.  Using the Stealth is one of them and I am so glad I did.

-Jill Clement 

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