When Husbands Know Best

When Husbands Know Best

To tell my Stealth story, I would have to start by saying that getting the Stealth was not my idea.  In fact, it was my husband who pushed for it!  I’m fairly certain he saw an ad on Facebook and was itching to buy it.  He is known for buying sketchy items from those ads, so I may have blown him off at first - but he wouldn’t let this one go.  After seeing that the Stealth wasn’t a gimmick, we agreed to make the purchase.  And ever since the day it arrived, we have been on it every day!

For someone who has two kids and works full time, getting in a workout can be difficult.  That is why I love the Stealth.  You are able to get in short, full body workouts.  Not only do I feel the burn after a two- or three-minute workout, the Stealth app with the games makes it, shall I say, fun?!  

My first experience on the board was interesting.  I honestly thought that it couldn’t be that hard and considered myself to be in somewhat good shape.  But man, will that board show you who is boss!  You don’t realize how many muscles it takes to not roll off!  Now, after more than 100 days of using the Stealth, and with the challenges brought on by the super supportive Facebook group, I’m adding in extra moves to my everyday routine.  

In the end, I’m glad my husband pushed for this.  We are getting stronger together and setting a good example for our kids!  I would highly recommend this to anyone!

-Ashley Collins

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