When Your Friends Have Stealthy Ideas, Listen

When Your Friends Have Stealthy Ideas, Listen

A friend and I were chatting one day about health, including nutrition, exercise etc. Being a heart patient and having an old back injury, my level of fitness was in need of work. He mentioned to me something about this device that his cousin invented and that he thought it may be of interest to me. That device was the Stealth Core Trainer. 

I researched his offering as many people do, and overly so, as I usually do. Considering that I had learned a lot by paying a private individual in a studio to help me learn how to build strength without aggravating my heart condition or my back, I felt I was ready to become independent in my quest for better fitness and it seemed that the low impact and smooth motion of the Stealth Core Trainer might fit that need.

It was apparent to me that my core was the key to everything else in my pursuit of overall strength, balance, agility and improved quality of life. I'm as hard headed as they come and I did my best for almost 4 months, but I found something lacking in my ability to properly exercise my core at home, especially after recent events and limited resources for a commercial gym facility, so I took the plunge and ordered my trainer. 

When it arrived, my first attempt was frighteningly comical. However, I was impressed with the Stealth Nation and all of the support, tips and tricks that were available. It's been almost 8 weeks now and I have gone from seconds on my toes to as much as 2 minutes as of this morning. The gaming part of the equation certainly adds a dynamic that results in a net positive. 

I was already putting in some good work, but I have been pleasantly surprised by two things. First, I am able to exercise the core muscles of my body with little to no pain in the hours and days afterward. This is very important to me because I don't want to injure myself. With the guidance and help from the Stealth Nation, I'm not just hanging on to traditional planks or other types of typical core building exercises that younger and stronger people tolerate more easily. Secondly, I'm impressed with a visible difference in just 6 weeks of consistent use, never mind the difference in what I feel in my core and its ability to support my body.

I'm including two pictures above; one is from the first week of September when my Trainer arrived, and one is from the second week of November. I hope it's obvious which is which. 

For investing just a few minutes each day, I'm very happy with what the Stealth is doing for me. It's easy to fit in with my regular routine and I have every intention of making this a permanent habit. I'm glad I finally decided to get involved, I have no regrets. 


Quinten Raines 

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