Making Fitness Fun

Our Mission At STEALTH FITNESS, is to make staying healthy and fit fun and enjoyable for you. We design our products to seamlessly integrate fitness into your daily routine, turning exercise into an engaging and rewarding experience. Our interactive, gamified workouts challenge you both physically and mentally, ensuring you have a blast every time. Whether you want to boost your energy, improve your fitness, or enjoy a fun workout with friends, STEALTH FITNESS has something tailored just for you.

Our Story

In 2015, Howie Panes, our visionary founder, had a breakthrough moment while doing planks at the gym. Bored with staring at a timer, he thought, "What if planking could be fun and entertaining?" This idea led to the concept of gamifying exercises, making workouts not only effective but also enjoyable for you.

To bring this vision to life, Howie reached out to his good friend Don Brown, a fitness professional with over 30 years of experience and the creator of the AB ROLLER. Together with David Augustine, a former Wall Street lawyer turned fitness entrepreneur, they founded STEALTH FITNESS.

Combining their expertise, they developed the revolutionary STEALTH CORE TRAINER. Launched on Kickstarter in 2016, it quickly became a huge success. Today, with over 500,000 units sold, we've brought fun and effective workouts to countless customers like you.

Meet Our Founders

Howie Panes Founder and Innovator Howie’s innovative vision ensures every STEALTH FITNESS product turns boring exercises into exciting, game-based challenges. His creativity makes staying fit an enjoyable adventure for you.

Don Brown Co-Founder and Fitness Expert With decades of experience creating iconic fitness products, Don brings unparalleled expertise to STEALTH FITNESS. His commitment to quality and functionality ensures every product is effective and fun for you.

David Augustine Co-Founder and Business Strategist David’s unique background in law and fitness entrepreneurship provides strategic direction. His leadership ensures our innovations continually meet your needs and keep you engaged.

At STEALTH FITNESS, our focus is on you—making fitness a fun, social, and rewarding part of your life. Join us and discover how easy it is to "sneak" fitness into your routine with our innovative products and engaging app. Experience the joy of a workout that feels like play and see how enjoyable staying fit can be.


Our Products

Stealth Core
The Stealth Core transforms the static floor plank into a dynamic movement that turns your core into the game controller. By engaging all the abdominal muscles, as well as your lower back, legs, and arms, the Stealth Core ensures a comprehensive workout. As you move, your body controls the game, making planking not just more effective, but also incredibly fun.

Stealth Squat
Imagine doing squats without big bulky weights. With Stealth Squat, you use your body weight and gravity to target your legs, glutes, back, and arms, giving you a full-body strength workout. This product combines effective squatting exercises with interactive, gamified workouts, ensuring you get the most out of your leg day while enjoying the process.

Stealth Cycle
The Stealth Cycle combines upper body resistance and heart-pumping cardio so you burn fat faster. Plus, with its gaming integration, your workout is the game—dodging obstacles, racking up points, and conquering levels. When fitness feels like playtime, you push harder, sweat more, and get faster results. Say goodbye to the grind and hello to Stealth Cycle—the workout that's so much fun, you’ll forget you’re even breaking a sweat.

Our App - App Store - Google Play
The STEALTH FITNESS app is your gateway to a comprehensive and interactive fitness experience. With dozens of games and features designed to track your progress and activity, our app helps you achieve your fitness goals in a fun and engaging way. Over 1 million users have already discovered the benefits of our app, which includes proprietary tools to help you "Hack" your fitness journey.