"Planking Just Got Way More Fun" - Elite Daily

"Planking Just Got Way More Fun" - Elite Daily

I Tried Working Out With The Stealth Core Trainer & Planking Just Got Way More Fun 

At 26 years old, I’m finding more and more that how I’m exercising takes precedence over the before-and-after photos I might take to document my progress. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no shame in wanting your body to look its best, but take it from someone who’s tried countless programs to yield results: Aesthetics aren’t everything, especially when it comes to your physical health. For instance, I tried working out with the Stealth core trainer, a plank exercise that doubles as a video game, to get me out of a months-long fitness rut I've been in, and I can honestly say I've never lost myself in a workout the way I do when my elbows are balancing on this board.

Now, if I were to rewind a few years and inform my 16-year-old self that, in 2018, she'd be judging how successful a workout is by how much she perspires, or that sprint intervals are currently one of her favorite things to do, I have no doubt she'd laugh right in my face. Seriously, the self-made athlete I am today is an entirely different person from the preteen who used to hide in gym class so she didn't have to participate in anything remotely physical. In fact, I’m pretty sure the first time I even heard of planking was during my junior year of high school, when boys would find cool places to plank across (like the Hollywood Sign) and document their (usually failed) efforts on MySpace.

By: Julia Guerra

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