Reinventing the Plank

Reinventing the Plank

The plank exercise is not just for people who want rock hard abs. While planks will definitely tighten up and define your midsection, planking offers so much more than great looking abs.  Planking benefits your back, hips, and arms as well, improving your posture, energy and overall health. 

The basic plank position is simple and intuitive.  Think of it as a modified push-up, but instead of balancing your weight on the palm of your hands, transfer your weight to your forearms, and hold it for as long as you can.  Keeping your hips up and back straight is critical when it comes to targeting the right muscles and most importantly not hurting yourself in the process.


Most people who have ever done a plank have a love-hate relationship with the exercise. The burn comes on quick, so you know you’re putting in work, but at the same time, it’s boring to just sit there and hold it. The best test of core strength requires you to literally stay still until the time is up, meanwhile all your attention is focused on that stinging sensation and the slow-ticking of the timer, which seems to move even slower as you get close to your target time. It’s hard to consider the long-term benefits when 60 dull seconds can feel like 25 minutes as you’re fixating on nothing but the time passing and pain brewing.

Enter the Stealth Core Trainer.  Stealth is an innovative exercise platform that makes the plank much more enjoyable, while sneakily making the exercise more challenging at the same time - hence the name “Stealth.”   Stealth challenges you to use your core muscles as a kind of “joystick” to control a game on your smartphone while using Stealth. The movements target all your muscles and the competition creates a fun distraction. You can even intensify the workout by competing with others playing the game.

Editors from Men’s Health magazine tried Stealth out for themselves. When they started, they were only able to last about a minute maneuvering on the platform, but the challenge of the game soon had them competing for 2-3 minutes. Read more about their thoughts on Stealth here.

With Stealth, the normal static plank becomes dynamic, fun and engaging. The reinvented balance board-like platform promotes a fun interactive way to tackle an even more intense workout, without the dread factor. Don’t think you can get addicted to planking? Game your core with Stealth and then get back to us.

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