What is your “Core Score?”

What is your “Core Score?”

The plank is one of the best total-body and core exercises. It helps to define and sculpt your midsection, build isometric strength and improve posture. It also works to engage the abdominal muscles, arms, back, glutes, shoulders and hamstrings.

But planks are incredibly boring. Holding the plank position for one minute, two minutes, three minutes or more is monotonous. During that time, minds wander, attention wanes and those few minutes can turn into what seems like an eternity. 

Stealth Body Fitness has removed BORING from the plank exercise with an innovative planking platform and smart technology that combines the plank exercise with a competitive element. Using Stealth’s Smartphone app, people can play the Core Challenge game, which is a randomized gaming workout that takes you through a competitive challenge, tracks your progress, gives you a score, and ranks you on the Stealth worldwide leaderboard.  

Your Core Score is calculated based upon how long you play the game, and also how many targets you destroy. The game gets progressively harder as you play, and you earn more points for achieving higher levels in the game. Your Core Score is a great way to track your progress and to help you achieve a healthier body because the core is the foundation of fitness.

Stealth has made the plank fun, and the Stealth gaming app makes planking competitive and challenging. Now you too can experience the benefits of dynamic planking while competing with people worldwide. 

Pre-order your Stealth Body Fitness machine today and watch your body transform.

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