Board President, Creative Director and Designer Finds Much Needed Strength With Stealth

Board President, Creative Director and Designer Finds Much Needed Strength With Stealth

My name is Chris Shomo, and I am loving my Stealth Core Trainer! Currently I’m the elected board president of one of the largest neighborhoods in Savannah, Georgia; the Thomas Square Streetcar Historic District, which was recently declared the number 1 neighborhood in the South by Southern Living Magazine.  Along with neighborhood duties, I am the creative director and a picker at Picker Joe’s in Savannah and own Infinity Watch faces, a design company featured on the Samsung Galaxy Store.

With Infinity Watch faces, a lot of my work over the past few years has involved sitting at a computer all day while designing watch faces & phone themes for Samsung, so I needed some sort of exercise I could do quickly at home, then be able to jump back to the design-grind. I’ve ordered many types of exercise equipment for home use, but nothing compares to the Stealth Core Trainer.

I started plank-gaming (toes only) with the Stealth (Orange version) mid-July & the best I could do was 1 min 30 secs... Well, I've improved! I was amazed to hit over 7 minutes on November 8th, then hit over 8 minutes the next day!! My love handles have almost melted away and I'm starting to see abs that I haven't had since college 20 years ago. It’s fun with faster results than I ever imagined! 

The extra core strength has helped with picking trips and when I rush down to help move antiques and vintage furniture at Picker Joe’s.  As we say in the South, antiques ain’t light. I used to injure myself all the time while helping move large items that could include anything from iron clawfoot bathtubs, giant solid-wood doors, 10ft metal dinosaur statues… you never know what you’ll find and have to relocate in this business.  One of the areas I would always hurt myself is upper abdominal, right below the chest.  A pulled muscle in that area would put me out for weeks and even make it difficult to sit at the computer.  Since using the Stealth, I can see a HUGE improvement in strength in that area and I feel confident those injuries will happen less if not at all in the future.  It’s also strengthened my legs, allowing me to step down from the picking van while carrying things like heavy pieces of furniture, and this is new.  Now I don’t have to set it down first, step out of the van, then pick it up again.

We have just started filming a new show called “Sky Pickers” based on a rapid response picking team that takes to the skies to quickly scout out and secure items.  The picking team does a lot of work with the movie and TV companies finding props for sets when they film in and around Savannah.  When they need something for a scene, they need it like yesterday.

Since I’m so busy all the time, the Stealth Core Trainer will help me meet my fitness goals and keep me looking fit and trim for the camera.  A lot of motivation also comes from the Stealth Nation Facebook group so a huge shout out and thank you to all the members and admins.  And thank you to the trainers like Matt who have awesome tips and tricks for us!

You know what is really cool?  It’s nice to sit in a car and not have a muffin top hugging the seatbelt.

Thanks!  Have an awesome rest of the day. :)


Chris Shomo

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