Desk Jockey Sees Snowball Effect with Stealth

Desk Jockey Sees Snowball Effect with Stealth


A 53-year-old desk jockey here! I have 2 degenerative discs and a history of sitting. I kept seeing all these ads for Stealth and to be honest I thought No Way! No Way 3 minutes a day can change you that much. But I was intrigued.  So, I ordered a yellow Stealth with the thought that I can resell it if it doesn't work.  

I receive my package very quickly, so I was impressed already! My first attempt  I lasted 36 seconds and I laughed at myself. This is going to be fun! I downloaded the free games and for 2 weeks I worked on my form. I never lasted more than 1 min 30 seconds but I had so much fun I stuck with it. I was laughing after exercise! Not laying in the floor panting and wanting to quit.         

After the initial 2 weeks I spent the 24.99 for the premium games. I love the different games and the new game each month. I started taking the Stealth to work with me and using it 3 to 5 times a night for 2 to 6 minutes at a time.       

After a month, I noticed I was walking taller and my back did not ache anymore.  I added in a few more minutes of Stealth and started walking a mile. Then I added sit ups and then stairs!  I saw changes in my posture, stomach, hips, legs and arms. So, I changed my diet as well.                                             

After 4 months I still LOVE to get on the floor and Stealth. I have lost 23 pounds and counting! Went down 1 size in my jeans and about to go down 1 more. My friends and family are asking what diet I am on!

This is a game changer folks! Stealth Nation is such a supportive group, and the games make exercise so much fun. You keep building on the plank and it becomes a snowball effect to better health.

-Pam Barber

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