Finding A New Rhythm With Stealth

Finding A New Rhythm With Stealth

I was introduced to Stealth by a friend over the summer.  She let me use hers and the first game that she pulled open is one of my favorite games today. I remember thinking this is so hard to do! I thought to myself "this game looks like it would deliver some results!" I was hooked and saw Stealth as a very intriguing way of exercising that would keep me engaged.

The first time I tried, it was hard, and I really felt it in my shoulders and arms.  I started playing the games, but planking was hard.  I saw the posts in the Stealth Nation group that you should start on knees until you feel strong enough to get on your toes. So, I kept at it, and little by little felt more comfortable getting on my toes once in a while.

Over the summer I walked a lot.  Before the pandemic I used to go to the gym but since it closed, I turned to my Stealth for exercise along with lots of dancing! I love dancing! Hard core Latin dance including salsa, merengue, bachata, cumbia and other different dance moves.

I wasn't consistent but I tried to stay with it.  The challenges in the Stealth Nation group inspire me. I really love our FACEBOOK group; everyone is so wonderful and encouraging and it helps me stay motivated and accountable

For Christmas I gave my son a Stealth, it was fun to see him open the box. I figured since he loves to play video games, he would really enjoy the Stealth. I thought maybe he would get off the couch and exercise while playing games.

One thing I gained from Stealth that I didn't expect is that I can actually see lines in my core area and to see a waistline for a change! I love my Stealth so much that I wanted to share my experience with you all. I love the monthly challenges, I started participating in them back in November. Now using the Stealth is so easy, I can Stealth for a long time.

Thank you, Matt Morton, for inspiring us to just do it.

-Lucy Williams

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