Finding Hope and Changing Her Destiny With Stealth

Finding Hope and Changing Her Destiny With Stealth


Aloha my name is Tami, I'm 55 years old, a wife of 34 yrs., I have 2 handsome and amazing sons and 4 wonderful grandkids. I worked for a major grocery store for over 23 years, and I live in the beautiful island of Oahu.

I wanted to share with anyone wondering if this really works, it sure does!!! I got my Stealth on July 1st and started the very next day. I was very nervous and was worried if I've done it again, wasted money on something I hope to use and never do. Due to my lack of effort and desire I've bought equipment or joined clubs praying I'll get it this time.

Getting on my Stealth the first time felt awkward and looked that way too, as I tried to lower myself onto it, I was unsure and unsteady. At that moment I weighed 324.8 and doing most things took effort and stole my breath trying.  October 31st (I weigh once a month) I was at 300.5! I make it a point every morning to get up and do the things that set my day on the course for success and leave the excuses behind. I get on my Stealth daily and sometimes it’s minutes or seconds and that's ok, I stayed the course! I also ride a stationary bike 5 min each day and changed how I eat. 

Four years ago, my back went out after doing a small incline walk, by having no core muscle my body went limp, I lost 4 months of work and still feel the effects of the damage that was done. Since using the Stealth and the strength my core as gained the majority of day-to-day pain has gone away.

All I can tell you now is that I'm looking forward with hope, thanks to gaming my core!! I can bend over and breathe at the same time, I can sit up in bed with ease (this was my first ah ha moment after using the Stealth for a few days), I have more stability and my balance has improved! 

I've had 3 knee surgeries on the same knee and worried about getting down on it, I use a cushion and did ok, a little bothersome at first but again, no excuses not anymore! I started on my knees and every now and then I drop down and that’s ok I'm still doing it, doing it for me and my health!


I want to play freely with my grandkids, I want to hike again with confidence, I want to play in the ocean waves and hope to surf or paddle board in the near future.  

The difference is I can see a future where there was a time I couldn't! Thank you, Stealth, for not only shaping my core but also shaping my destiny!

With much Aloha, Tami.

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