Gaining Strength and Confidence With Stealth!

Gaining Strength and Confidence With Stealth!

I have always been active participating in sports or going to the gym.  In my 50’s I was very fit and at my lowest weight since having kids.  The last few years, life happened, and priorities changed.  My oldest son became a single parent of 5 and my husband and I help with daily care.  I had less free time and began to let myself go.  When the pandemic hit, I became a virtual teacher for the grandkids.  I also stopped going to the gym.  A catalyst for change was the fact that one of my grandson’s has cerebral palsy and weighs over 60 lbs.  I have to lift him and often carry him up or down stairs.  My back was protesting.  

Towards the end of the summer, I was noticing ads for the Stealth, on my Facebook page.  How did they know this was just what I needed!!  I told my husband we should get one. It looked like it was something I could easily fit into my busy schedule.  And I hoped it would help with my back strength.  Our Stealth arrived in September and my first few attempts were comical.  Made me realize just how much I needed to work on that area.  It felt good to be doing something for myself.  

I played games, here and there, just getting used to the Stealth but, without a lot of regularity.  I started following Stealth Nation on Facebook.  I decided to join the October challenge; it looked like it would be fun.  Game Changer!  It was a great way to keep me motivated.  The daily challenges helped me work my body in new ways.  I could feel my balance getting better.  That made me want to do more!

As the months have gone by, I’ve gained strength and confidence.  I look forward to using the Stealth every day.  I have only missed a few days here and there.  I didn’t take any before/after pictures, but I can feel the changes.  My arms are more toned and definitely stronger.  And my lower back doesn’t hurt anymore!  I know this is from using the Stealth.  I used to have to take care getting out of bed in the morning.  Not anymore!  It’s so easy to go hop on the board and play the games.  You don’t have to carve out a large chunk of time.  Also, trying to keep my streak alive and earn points and badges, keeps me going.

Three key components that make Stealth work for me:

  1.  I love the games and the App.  I have only played the free games and keep challenging myself to do more time on my toes and get longer times/higher scores.  I love the way the App lets you see your progress.  
  2. Then there’s Matt Morton, the face of Stealth Nation.  What a gem.  He is so encouraging and helpful.  Never fails to answer a question or give support when needed.  He was certainly the right person for the job.  He makes me smile and makes working out fun.
  3. Last, but not least, is Stealth Nation.  As I watched videos of all shapes and sizes, it gave me confidence to put myself out there.  

One thing that’s always motivated me is friendly faces when working out.  I always chose group fitness over working out by myself.  As my life changed over the last 6 years, it was harder and harder to find time for classes.  The pandemic made it even more difficult.  Stealth Nation has filled the void.  The friendly faces have become a virtual workout group.  The kind words, smiling faces, and encouragement keep me going.  Stealth Nation is like a family.

The bottom line is, I am fortunate to have discovered Stealth, in more than one way.  I’m excited to keep working on getting stronger.  I will be Stealth Strong!!

-Peggy Berryman

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