Get That Bikini Body Back With Stealth

Get That Bikini Body Back With Stealth

October 2019, I was about ready to buy the next size up in clothing.  I was desperate to be healthy and fit, but couldn't figure it all out. Lots of research led me to a personal training gym where I met my current coach. I vowed to be 100% in it to win it.  I started weighing food and working out hard to lose weight.   In April 2020, I had lost 40 lbs.   

I was happy with the weight loss and now I wanted to tone. While I was still working out 4-5 days a week, I wasn't really targeting my abs. Well, I believe things happen for a reason. The Stealth ads started playing on my FB page and I was intrigued.  I could do 2-3 minutes a day, I thought.  So I took the leap!   

Waiting for my Stealth to arrive was like waiting for Christmas Day. I had joined the FB group and was so excited to start - everyone was so supportive and all the stories gave me extra motivation. 


I received my Stealth on July 25 and have not missed a day.  2-3 minutes a day has proven that this machine is well worth it! All of the games help mix it up, I compete with myself to get better each time.  2-3 minutes is so easy to find - sometimes I Stealth while dinner is cooking, or right when I get home. The added strength to my core is evident in my weight lifting; it has made a huge difference. 

My goal was to get back to my college self and to be able to keep up with my kids.  Because of Stealth, I'm back in a bikini for the first time in over 12 years.   This is by far the greatest addition to my daily routine!   I am so enamored with this device.   

Something so simple and so rewarding!

Happy Stealthing 

-Amanda Buchheit 

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